Cloud APIM Wasmo

Your online toolkit to create, build and serve WASM binaries

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Cloud APIM Wasmo provides perfectly configured and always up Wasmo instances.

It allows you to create and build WASM plugins in matter of seconds for your Otoroshi instances without worrying about the tools you need depending on the language you want to use.

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The perfect Otoroshi companion

The whole Otoroshi plugin engine is compatible with wasm, but building wasm plugin can be a little tedious.

With Wasmo, it has never been easier to write, build and distribute Otoroshi plugins using whatever languages Wasmo supports

The power of WASM

WASM is the next big thing in the industry and Cloud APIM Wasmo instances let you have this power at your fingertips without worrying about updates, tooling, etc. just using your browser.

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