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Cloud APIM Serverless

GitOps driven APIM platform to simplify the process of launching and managing APIs

Learn how to create your first Api Key secured endpoint with Cloud APIM Serverless

GitOps-Driven Deployment

Cloud APIM Serverless leverages GitOps principles to streamline API deployment and management. By integrating with GitHub, it allows you to manage your API configurations as code, enabling automated, consistent, and version-controlled deployments. This approach reduces the chances of errors and ensures that your API changes are easily trackable and revertible.


Simplified API Launch and Management

Cloud APIM Serverless simplifies the process of launching and managing APIs, making it accessible even for teams with limited DevOps experience. With a user-friendly interface and automated workflows, you can add essential features like authentication, analytics, and rate limiting to your APIs in minutes. This simplicity helps reduce the time and effort required to get your APIs up and running, allowing you to focus more on development and innovation.

Developer Portal

Cloud APIM Serverless includes a fully customizable developer portal that serves as a one-stop shop for developers interacting with your APIs. The portal automatically generates comprehensive API documentation, making it easier for developers to understand and use your APIs effectively. It also provides interactive features such as API explorers, code samples, and detailed usage guides, enhancing the overall developer experience and accelerating API adoption.

Real-Time Analytics and Monitoring

Gain deep insights into your API usage with Cloud APIM Serverless's powerful analytics and monitoring tools. The platform provides real-time dashboards that track key metrics such as request counts, response times, error rates, and user activity. These analytics help you understand how your APIs are being used, identify performance bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to improve your services.